HIPAA Summit
Webinar Access Instructions

Thank you for participating in the 41st National HIPAA Summit, being broadcast as follows:

  • February 7: HIPAA Workforce Basic Privacy Training
  • February 14: HIPAA Workforce Basic Security/Breach Training
  • February 21: HIPAA Summit Workforce Training: HIPAA Transactions, Operating Rules, and Critical Healthcare Data Exchange Issues
  • February 27-March 1: HIPAA Summit 41
This email will provide you with everything you need to know to access the webcast, whether you are watching the sessions live or visiting the archive.

SPECIAL NOTE: VPN's can often block the live webstream. If you normally access the internet through a company VPN connection, it is advised that you do not connect through the VPN and Google Chrome is the preferred browser.

1. Portal Access

When logging in, please be certain to use the email address that you used when registering to attend the Summit. Many people have more than one email address.

You can change your password anytime by using the "reset password" link below the log-in button on the home page.

Be sure to keep your password in a safe place - you will need it to return to the webcast throughout the live event and your 6 months of archived access. To access the webcast go https://HIPAASummitPortal.com.

We strongly suggest that you visit the web portal test page now to ensure that you will be able to view the live event. This is especially important if you will be viewing the event from a corporate office that may be subject to a strict firewall, such as a hospital, law firm, or pharmaceutical company.

2. Testing Your Ability to Access the Webcast

You will access the webcast portal from the portal Homepage - https://HIPAASummitPortal.com.

Enter your username email and password.

Upon Log-in you will be taken to the conference agenda page. Prior to the event, we suggest checking your connectivity to make sure you see and hear all the content correctly. To test your connection prior to the event, click on "STREAM TEST" at the top of the homepage. Here you will see a sample video stream as well as hear the sound. If you can see and hear everything clearly, you should have no problem with the Internet feed later on that same computer. Please test your connectivity on the machine you will use during the event. Testing on a different machine will not guarantee it will work properly due to variances in machines, browsers and corporate network configurations.

If you have problems with either video or sound on this page, you can contact the support team by sending an email through the "Support" button. Some of the common problems that people have experienced with the Internet stream, and how to fix them, are included in an FAQ document on this webpage.

3. Platform Tutorial

You will find a Platform Tutorial on the platform homepage if you need further assistance.

4. Ability to Opt-Out of Attendee Listing and Peer to Peer Chat

Unless you respond to this email with a request to opt-out of attendee listing and peer-to-peer chat, your name, title and organization will be listed in our networking center, and you will be able to participate in peer-to-peer chat.

5. Peer to Peer Text and Video Chat

From the networking lounge, you may do individual and small group text chats with your colleagues by selecting the Peer-to-Peer Chat from the banner links. You may also invite other attendees online at the time of the invitation to join a one-on-one video chat. This will allow you to search for colleagues and initiate a potential one on one or small group chat.

6. Accessing the Live Webcast

You will access the webcast through the main web portal - https://hipaasummitportal.com. You will enter the auditorium to view all summit sessions. Once in the auditorium, click on the LIVE NOW button to bring up the event agenda and navigate to the sessions currently running. At the beginning of each day, the prior day's sessions will also be available on demand.

During the live event, there is a support contact available by clicking the information desk and selecting the technical support link on the banner in the resources room.

7. Accessing the Conference Archive

Following the event, you have access to an archive of all presentations for six months. It may take up to a week or more to load and test the presentations, but the archived material should be available to you no later than Monday, March 4th, 2024. To access the archive, enter your username and password on the portal login page -- https://HIPAASummitPortal.com.

8. Limitations on Access

Only one user (per username and password) may view or access the archived conference material. It is not permissible to share your username and password with third parties. Violation of this provision will terminate access to archive viewing. Each Internet registration is also subject to a "bandwidth" or capacity use cap of 5 GB per user per month. When this capacity use cap is hit, the registration lapses for that month. Access is restored at the start of the next month so long as the end of the six-month period has not been reached. Access would again be subject to the same monthly capacity cap. The cap is rarely reached unless access is being illegally shared.

For information regarding the Summit and attendance contact the Summit registrar Steve Aitchison at reginfo@HCConferences.com.