On-Line Catalogs

On-Line Catalogs are rapidly becoming a key feature to a number of company web sites on the internet. These catalogs are becoming so popular because they offer ease-of-use, data on the fly, and most importantly, a searchable index. Another great benefit of these catalogs is that they can be updated constantly - when new products are launched, or other products are discontinued - without the cost of reprinting!

Cygnus Design is capable of completing catalogs from those with 20 products to ththe most complex with thousands of products.

There are countless samples of catalogs on-line now, here are a few samples:

    Giant Catalogs
    CDNOW Music Sales
    This site offers an enormous stock of CDs and music paraphenalia

    Amazon Books
    This site offers the most extensive line of books available

    Medium Catalogs
    Chemicon International
    This catalog offers access to their 4,000+ products

    Small Catalogs
    Calloway House
    This catalog offers access to their line of teaching products.

Please contact us via our inquiry form or via e-mail if you have any questions about on-line catalogs and how we can have you present your products on-line in no time.