On-Line Commerce

With the popularity of companies wanting their wares displayed on web sites in on-line catalogs, companies began to ask "if we can show them what we offer, why can't we just sell it to them right there and then?" Thus was born on-line shopping or what is now referred to as "On-Line Commerce" or more often "E-commerce."

It began with people printing sheets, faxing orders, mailing checks, etc. but with the development of secure internet sites, consumers were allowed on-line credit card purchasing power. Now the medium has developed into a thriving marketplace and one of the easiest places to do your shopping. In the midst of this thriving marketplace are what is known as "Shopping Carts." These are the definitive method for shopping on-line. "Shopping Cart" is a term used for the system that collects the products you select to buy from a company's catalog in a temporary database until you are ready to make your purchase, at which point it lists them and provides you with a "Check Out" system.

Cygnus Design is fully capable of designing a logical, easy-to-use Shopping Cart system for your business, whether you sell computer parts, books, or flavored pasta.

E-Commerce can be developed around a product catalog database, or just around a few products. The way it is built all depends on your company's requirements. There are a number of samples of shopping systems on-line now, here are a few of them:

    Giant Shopping Centers
    CDNOW Music Sales
    This site offers an enormous stock of CDs and music paraphenalia

    Amazon Books
    This site offers the most extensive line of books available

    Medium Shopping Centers
    Calloway House
    This catalog offers access to their line of teaching products

    Small Shopping Centers
    Making Money Online
    This catalog offers a number of business oriented books, etc.

Please contact us via our inquiry form or via e-mail if you have any questions about E-Commerce and how we can have you selling products on-line in no time.