On-Line Databases

On-Line Databases are perhaps one of the most useful tools available to businesses using the internet. A database can provide a resource that allows a company to display it products, do marketing research, form registration databases, or create a mailing list from web site visitors.

The most common use for databases integrated into web sites is for on-line catalogs. This allows a business to make any part of its product line available to web site visitors, and can even be tied into a Shopping Cart where people can purchase products on-line.

The second most common purpose for databases is to do marketing research and build mailing lists from people who visit the business' site. Much like Cygnus' own Inquiry Page is designed to find out what clients are most interested in as well as build a list of potential contacts with fellow businesses. After a form such as this is completed, the data the visitor entered is placed into a database for any type of future reference a company may require.

Cygnus Design has designed a number of databases and is capable of providing your company with a customized database that is right for your company's requirements.

Please contact us via our inquiry form or via e-mail if you have any questions about customized databases and how we can have you collecting and presenting data on-line in no time.