Web Site Development

A web site is the heart of a company's internet presence. The web site will be the flag ship for a business' marketing ventures in the coming years, so its design - both physically and visually - will determine whether it properly reflects the company's image.

Too many companies have jumped onto the internet just to be there, without giving any thought to targeting, design, function, or most importantly, purpose. That just doesn't work. You need a plan. The internet is a tremendous tool, but its features must be tailored to fit each company differently. Every company needs to start by determining why they need a web site. We have provided a list of suggestions for why you might need a web site, so if you aren't sure, take a look at our "What can a website do for my company, anyway?" page.

With help from Cygnus Design's web experts, you can easily determine your goals for a web presence and immediately begin to attain those goals. We offer a to help you better understand what is available for your business on the internet. Below are a list of some of the goals we have fulfilled for other businesses:

    Product Line Showcase. This displays your line of products or services to a global marketplace. It provides a great opportunity to both attract new customers and stimulate cross sales among existing ones.

    On-Line Catalog. This is an extension of Product Line Showcase by providing for th the ability to present their products in an organized, easy-to-use manner. You allow your customers to browse your entire catalog, see full graphical images of your products, and pursue whatever details interest them most.

    On-Line Commerce/Purchasing. This is yet another extension of Product Line Showcase by providing for customers the ability to purchase your products directly on-line and receive them at their home or business without ever stepping outside. If you have had distributors in the past, this is a great way to take out the middle man and sell your products to the consumer directly.

    Technical Support Service. Present a list of your most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their answers on-line. You can use your web site to cut down on customer support phone calls, both saving time and money. Also with providing support on-line, you will cut down on printing costs since your customer can find the information on your web site and print it out themselves - you can offer data sheets, technical information, protocols, MSDS information, etc. for download or direct printing from your web site. And if you have more than one location, you can let the customers know where their closest outlet is. All you need to do is provide Cygnus with this information and we can make it all happen.

    Marketing Research/Analysis. A wonderful feature of the internet is that you will have people visiting your web site without your active solicitation. If they are interested in products that you sell, they will find you via search engines. The key to keeping track of who visits you is by registering their visit. With this data, you can analyze your potential customers, finding out what geographical areas, economic groupings, or age groups are most interested in your products. And any marketing director would tell you how much easier that makes their job.

    Annual Report Publication. Extend circulation, save distribution, and boost your corporate image by putting an electronic version of your Annual Report on-line.

    Demonstrate Your Products. Using video capture or animation, prospective customers would have the opportunity to actually see the product at work - something printed material can not do.

    Software Demonstration. For software companies, allowing their prospective customers an opportunity to glimpse their product before it's available is often an invaluable resource.

If you've surfed the web much, you know that the quality of web sites varies greatly. The bottom line is that the good sites don't usually cost that much more than the lousy ones, the companies just partnered with the wrong design firms. There are a number of web design firms popping up everyday, with many of them disappearing weeks later. Longevity isn't something you'll find with many web design companies, but with Cygnus you can rest assured that we'll be here for you to depend on for some time to come. We have been designing web sites for four years (which is a long time in terms of the infant internet) and continue to provide top-notch design for our customers. We hope that you'll take a look at a few of the sites in our portfolio and let us know how we can help provide you with your internet solution.


We can complete any type of website, but to make it easier for you to determine what your needs are we have loosely categorized them into three types:

    Level One - This is the simplest of sites, including up to five pages, which may be used to provide a moderate amount of information to a business' customers. For samples of Level One sites, click here.

    Level Two - Sites in this category typically include about 10-15 pages, allowing a business to provide a great deal more information to their customers than the Level One. In addition, this level provides features such as interactive forms, basic database development, etc. For samples of some Level Two sites, click here.

    Level Three - These sites include everything not included above, which may mean that the site is greater than 15 pages, that there is an extensive on-line catalog or database, multiple complex forms, a live updating system, etc. For samples of some Level Three sites, click here.
Please contact us via our inquiry form or via e-mail if you have any questions about having a web site designed by us or about any other services Cygnus offers.