What can a website do for my company, anyway?

Many people worry about the validity of the internet and whether it will be here tomorrow, or the day after that. And does it really do anything for a company? The answer is an unequivicable "YES." The World Wide Web has proven itself to be an invaluable resource for businesses and organizations the world over. It provides an unparalleled level of international communication and information exchange, giving businesses an incredible tool for customer contact and interaction while furnishing organizations such as non-profit companies and religious groups, an opportunity to keep their members informed at little or no cost.

Companies use the internet for a wide variety of their products (BMW), others for direct sales of their products (Amazon Books), while others simply want to give their customers somewhere to play (Nike Shoes). The uses for the internet have only begun to be explored, and as technology advances, so do the possibilities. Recently, movie clips (Paramount), interactive images (QuickTime), and music videos (MTV) have all become accessible through the internet - just waiting for you to visit. Below are listed the most common objectives for companies to get their company a web site:
  • Product marketing support
  • Providing information to the public
  • Direct sales
  • Presenting your company to the world
  • Communication with existing clients
  • Employee or contractor seeking

Business Applications
For large and small businesses alike, the internet offers distinct opportunities to improve a company's position. For a large business, web pages give the opportunity to advertise globally, enable vast marketing research, ease customer communication, inform the populations about employment opportunities, provide product/service follow-up and support, and allow direct on-line product/service ordering. And for a small business, it provides an inexpensive method for getting their name out in the marketplace and enhancing their company's image, while helping to build their client base and mailing lists.

In addition to the business applications, the cost advantages that a web site offers over traditional marketing resources such as brochures, newsletters, etc. are clear. After a web site has been activated, to make unforseen changes or to update information on web pages can be done almost instantly (see pages such as CNN's web pages, which are updated constantly). To change information in an existing brochure means that you either have to wait until you run out of the copies sitting in your warehouse (which means that you're disseminating incorrect or out-of-date information), or to eat the costs of reprinting and remailing - all of which could take weeks.

The bottom line is that the internet is becoming THE place to conduct business in the coming years. Rather than asking, "What can a web site do for my company?" you should be asking yourself, "What can a web site NOT do for my company?" Can your business really afford to be left behind in the next decade?

The sooner your company gets on this bullet train,
The sooner you'll get to where you want to be.

And remember, we offer aso what can it hurt to give it a try.